Large-Scale Knowledge Processing Lab
What is the Large-Scale Knowledge Processing Lab?

With advances in the Internet technologies, flexible knowledge media have been emerging and becoming commonplace where we can search, analyze, annotate, edit and distribute large-scale and diverse knowledge contents as we like. However, as the explosive proliferation of big data grows apparent everywhere around us, we are also being pushed to rethink and redefine the underlying computing technologies to make sense and make full use of the knowledge data. Now many aspects of our society are getting heavily dependent upon data and computing, and breakthroughs are increasingly powered by advanced computing capabilities.

Our lab is driven by the art and theory of cutting-edge algorithms for large-scale knowledge processing, and focused on computational aspects of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, data science, system optimization, and information security. Working through these research, we contribute to solving real-world problems such as improving social infrastructures on electronic power, telecommunications, transportation, business, disaster prevention, and analyzing big data in material sciences and life sciences.